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Success Stories

Vision Therapy Success Stories

Bradley was rubbing his eyes a lot; as a result he had chronic styes. Prior to therapy, Bradley had depth perception problems which affected his ability to play basketball and read. To catch a ball, he often used his chest then he would hold the ball against his torso. It was also quite a chore for him to stay focused when reading; he needed many breaks due to tired eyes.

Now Bradley wants to read everything! He loves chapter books now (he is 7 years old). Before, it was a chore to get him to read for homework. We notice he is a much more confident player in sports and seems focused now. Bradley no longer rubs his eyes. I haven’t treated a stye since Vision Therapy started being a part of our routine.

Karyn, mother of Bradley, age 7


Following my stroke, my world was a confusing puzzle. I was very sensitive to any types of lights, especially fluorescent lights! Things seemed to be moving all around me and this made me nauseated and always on the verge of a panic attack. I was also dealing with double vision!

Fortunately, my occupational therapist referred me to Eyes For Wellness, where Dr. VanHoy and her staff helped me regain my sense of balance and equilibrium. They were so patient with me, especially in the beginning when I was so sensitive and irritable! With binasal patching ( a special type of partial patch over my lenses) I was able to quiet the “noise” in my visual world. Using the Optometric syntonizer, flipper lenses, and various slides, my visual world was rebuilt slowly but surely!

CG, Age 54


When I was a senior in high school, I decided that I wanted to be a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point. I did everything within my power to make certain that I would get accepted and someday become a member of the ”Long Grey Line”. Everything was right on track until I took my mandatory vision exam for the application process.

I had always known that my vision was a little weak, having had corrective eye surgery and worn glasses since the age of one. Having done well in school and participated in sports, I assumed that I would easily pass the test and be able to check one more requirement off my list. Well, I flat out failed the exam.

The doctor who examined me for West Point stated that my eyes did not work together at all, and I had no depth of field due to my lack of binocular vision. I was stricken with grief, not only with the fact that my dreams of attending West Point were over, but also that my vision was so terrible. Looking for options, my father contacted Vision Therapist, Dr. Mary Van Hoy.

During the initial appointment, Dr. VanHoy gave me hope that the vision problems I had could be corrected with Vision Therapy. I also learned that many of the headaches that I had when I was doing my high school reading were related to my vision problems. While the ophthalmologist that surgically corrected my wandering eye did an excellent job, I still had the residual effects of my prior vision issues. I just wish I had known that the difficulties that I was having while studying, headaches and blurred vision, were not normal and could have been corrected as a young child with Vision Therapy. Dr. VanHoy encouraged me, stating that while it is ideal to do Vision Therapy at a younger age, it is still very effective at age seventeen.

After two weeks of Vision Therapy, I was reading without headaches. After 17 weeks of intense Vision Therapy I was able to retest. The ophthalmologist who retested me at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base was amazed that I had ever had a vision problem, given the excellent results of the retest exam.

I am very lucky that I was even given this second opportunity, and I knew that failure was no longer an option. I had to pass, and with the help of Dr. Mary and her team, I did just that.

With the retest results in hand, I left the examination knowing that I had done everything within my power to get accepted, and on May 20, 2009 my dreams became reality. I am now a second class Cadet (junior) at West Point and I have Dr. Mary Van Hoy and her dedicated team to thank.


CDT Ben Smith

USMA 2013

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."
- Henry Ford


I’ve had a “lazy eye” since childhood and have worn corrective lenses ever since. Also, I am nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other. As a result, there is a wide range of difference between my two eyes. I never had a problem functioning until a few years ago.

In my mid-thirties, I started experiencing difficulty while driving, particularly during long-distance driving. I would feel lightheaded, dizzy, and experience nausea even though I could see the road just fine. Generally, the symptoms only occurred while I was driving. When the symptoms began, my physician ordered an MRI to rule out other conditions. The MRI was normal. My symptoms progressively worsened over a four-year timeframe to the point where I would not even drive on the highway anymore. After four years of seeing multiple eye doctors including a pediatric ophthalmologist and a neuro ophthalmologist, my son’s optometrist recommended me to Eyes for Wellness after she noticed my “lazy eye”.

I’ve been in vision therapy for approximately 8 months and my eyes are working together for the first time in a very long time. All of my symptoms have greatly subsided and I’ve even started driving on the highway again, with confidence. I cannot even begin to explain how great it is not to have anymore headaches! I’ve come a long way and will continue strengthening my eye muscles with the exercises. I cannot say enough good things about my vision therapist, Cindy, and Dr. Van Hoy. They are truly knowledgeable, concerned about patient care, and are dedicated to their craft!


Genia Faulcon


My primary problem was my eyes did not focus together fast enough as they should, and my peripheral vision was inadequate for driving. I couldn’t look from one point to another fast enough to drive safely, even at 22. Also, I couldn’t cross my eyes.

Since vision therapy, I can drive. I can look around to change lanes and have full use of my peripheral vision! I never would’ve been able to drive safely without Eyes For Wellness. My friends can’t make fun of me because of my inability to cross my eyes anymore, and I don’t have to ask people for rides.

Would I tell friends or family about vision therapy? Go to Eyes For Wellness! They will help.

Carrie E, Age 23

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