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Vision Services

Specialty Optometric Testing

The primary services Dr. VanHoy provides at Eyes For Wellness are considered second tier testing...tests given after a general visual assessment. Such standardized specialty tests as eye tracking, eye focusing, and eye teaming skills are administered to determine if the patient has adequate efficiency, accuracy, and stamina to maintain proficiency in their daily acts of living . She also tests for signs of post trauma vision syndrome which may occur after an acquired brain injury such as an automobile accident, casualty from military service, or various neurological insults such as MS, cerebral palsy, or fibromyalgia. Dr. VanHoy also carefully evaluates visual information processing skills such as visual memory, visual sequential memory, size and shape concepts, laterality and directionality, visual closure or the ability to form images in one's mind with incomplete visual information...all important skills for meeting the demands of the academic world as well as the work place. Finally, Dr. VanHoy looks at the patient's general gross motor and fine motor skills that influence coordination, navigating through space, and handwriting skills.

Eye Exams

Dr. VanHoy is an optometrist with an emphasis on visual performance and rehabilitation. As such, her evaluations are of the second tier with a focus on the visual performance of her patients rather than simply eyesight and their general ocular health. The majority of her patients have been referred by colleagues who have already examined the patient for eyesight and ocular health. However, if you have not been evaluated within the last year by a general optometrist or ophthalmologist, Dr. VanHoy will make sure your ocular health is free from disease and examine your refractive (optical) state. If she detects any abnormalities of your ocular health, she will make the proper referral for additional testing. Likewise, should compensatory lenses be indicated, she will refer you to a trusted optometric colleague to have your lens Rx filled for glasses or contact lenses. Dr. VanHoy also prescribes low powered lenses known as "stress-relieving" lenses that enhance visual comfort and support the visual system while optometric vision therapy is being completed.

Contact Lenses

While Dr. VanHoy no longer fits contact lenses since limiting her practice to neuo-optometric care, she does refer patients to trusted colleagues when contact lenses are indicated. Often when one eye has a significantly different prescription from the fellow eye, Dr. VanHoy prefers that the patient be fit with contact lenses to make the image sizes of the two eyes more similar which allow the brain to team the two images better. Dr. VanHoy still evaluates the fit of the contact lenses on her patients to ensure they are fitting properly and comfortably.

Services Unique to Eyes For Wellness

Dr. VanHoy takes pride in offering unique services not available in other Indianapolis optometric practices. In addition to her extensive battery of specialty tests, she also offers functional visual field studies to rule out non-pathological constrictions in the visual fields (tunnel vision) due to sensory overload or visual stress. If the functional visual fields are found to be constricted, Optometric Syntonic Phototherapy will be included in the patient's treatment plan. Innovative reading assessments with the PATH To Reading Program provide patients with an assessment of the integration of their parvocellular (central) pathway and magnocellular (peripheral) pathway that are so important for reading proficiency and comprehension. Should testing indicate poor integration of these two important pathways, a PATH To Reading, computerized program will be recommended as part of the treatment program. Biofeedback is another unique service offered at Eyes For Wellness. Dr. VanHoy utilizes the Accommotrac as well as the newly released Zone Trac as instruments for controlling myopia and reversing or eliminating myopia to allow a patient to qualify for a military academy or an occupation requiring high visual standards. Strabismics (misaligned eyes) and Amblyopes have long been challenging cases for most practitioners, especially if they have had prior eye muscle surgery in an attempt to straighten the eyes. With the very exciting introduction of Vivid Vision's Oculus Rift 3D goggles, the prognosis for successfully restoring binocular vision and 20/20 eyesight are greatly improved. Finally, Dr. VanHoy has found the BEMER, a German designed instrument for enhancing the body's microcirculation 28% - 30%, known as vascular physical therapy, to be one of her standard treatments for post concussive syndrome and chronic headaches.

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