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Treatment Options

The Nike Strobe Goggles to enhance perception of the speed of the target or ball. After wearing the goggles, sports objects appear to be moving slower when the athlete removes the flashing training goggles. Nike Vapor Strobe Goggles enhances sports vision performance.

Eyelights Vision Training Goggles" used to improve "lazy" eyes by flashing over the lazy eye during visual procedures to prevent the lazy eye from shutting down and suppressing.


Therapeutic lenses and binasal patching helps re-align crossed eyes--Before and After Therapeutic Lenses

Before & After Therapeutic Lenses Help Align Crossed Eyes.


Reversing nearsightedness with biofeedback. Improving spatial projection training.

Accommotrac Biofeedback Vision Trainer: Uses auditory feedback to help patients reduce myopia, improve focusing spasms and improves nystagmus (oscillation of eyes)

Treatment Options:

After completing her neuro-optometric battery of tests, Dr. VanHoy will discuss her findings, recommend a course of treatment, and collaborate with any other health care providers or educators to address your unique visual needs. A full written report will be provided to you and any other parties involved in your care. The treatment options that may address your special visual needs can include one or more of the following services:

Therapeutic Lenses

  • Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation (Optometric Vision Therapy)
  • Optometric Syntonic Phototherapy (Light Therapy)
  • Accommotrac Vision Trainer (Neuro-biofeedback Training)
  • Synchronization of Brain’s Dorsal and Ventral Stream Activity Through the Path Motion Program
  • Eyeport Vision Trainer for Enhanced Visual Tracking and Focusing Skills
  • Nike Vapor Strobe Goggles for Sports Skills Enhancement
  • Eyelight Goggles for Amblyopia Therapy
  • Consultation with Your Primary Eyecare Provider for Specialty Contact Lenses

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