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Vision Therapy

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation (Vision Therapy)

Vision therapy is prescribed by optometrists who specialize in developmental visual care. They are usually board certified in developmental optometry and have received certifications to diagnose and treat binocular vision and oculomotor problems as well as visual information processing delays. They offer services beyond the general visual care of ocular health and routine refractive care (visual acuity problems). Because Dr. VanHoy strongly believes that vision is far more than 20/20 eyesight and is a learned process, she will carefully design a customized neuro-rehabilitation program based upon your primary visual concerns and her test findings which glasses and contact lenses alone cannot address. She will address the visual areas that are in need of enhancement and prioritize their treatments based upon your current level of performance as well as your primary goals for improvement.

Her certified vision therapists work with her in a coordinated team approach to ensure your steady progress as they help set up the conditions to allow you to learn how to more efficiently and comfortably utilize your visual system. This team will meet with you on a regular basis to help you gain insights into how your eyes are performing as well as skills to gather visual information, integrate this information with your other sensory channels, and translate this improved awareness and visual motor control into more efficient and effective acts of daily living whether at school, at work, or on the playing field.

VISION THERAPY Can Help In Treating:

Lazy Eye
Crossed Eyes
Double Vision
Reading Disabilities
Learning Disabilities
Eye Tracking Delays
Eye Teaming Delays
Eye Focusing Delays
Binocular Vision Disorders
Convergence Insufficiency


Attention Deficit (ADD/ADHD)
Learning Disabled
Athletes (Aspiring and Professional)
Military Academy Candidates
Acquired Brain Injured
Cerebral Palsy
Stroke Victims
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
Autistic Spectrum
Down Syndrome
Patients of ALL Ages

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