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As an optometrist in Indianapolis, Eyes For Wellness receives many orders for bifocal glasses. As you get older, your eyes begin to lose some of the clarity they once had. This is especially true for things like reading and other up-close work. If you have never worn glasses before, you may find yourself needing a pair of reading glasses, but what happens if you already wear glasses? What if you can still see well enough for distance viewing, such as driving, but can't see comfortably when you are working on a computer or trying to read? That is where bifocal glasses can help.


What Are Bifocals?

Bifocal glasses are lenses that have one prescription on the upper portion and a different one either across the entire bottom area or as a small "window". This allows you to look straight ahead when you are driving or looking at something in the distance. When you need to see something close up, you look through the bottom of the lens and it magnifies the content that you are looking at.

For some people, trifocals are necessary because they have three different strengths needed for close, distant, and mid-range sight. Most often, however, bifocal glasses are all you need to get your sight back on track. The close-up part of the lens can take different forms, and some people actually forgo the actual "window" section in favor of what is known as a progressive lens. These lenses gradually change from one prescription strength to the other as your eye travels from top to bottom.

Adjusting to the Change

Some people adjust quickly to the change to bifocal glasses. For others, they take some getting used to. It helps for you to wear the glasses all of the time, especially at first. You will have to learn to be aware of what part of the lens you are looking through. Trying to navigate stairs can be particularly difficult because the reading part of the lens may distort depth perception. Over time, however, your eyes will train themselves to automatically focus on the portion of the lens that is needed for the clearest vision and it will become second-nature.

Finding Bifocals in Indianapolis

If you live in the Indianapolis area then you can rely on Eyes for Wellness to meet all your eyeglass needs. Our optometrist will provide several bifocal options as well as make certain that they are properly fitted. Call us today at (317) 818-0541 to get your vision corrected and be on your way to seeing clearer.

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