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consequences of brain injury

If you are suffering from brain fog or something similar it pays to see an optometrist in Indianapolis. Eyes For Wellness will effectively diagnose and develop a treatment plan for your condition.


What is Brain Fog?

While it is not technically a medical condition, brain fog is a symptom of one. It leaves you confused and feeling disoriented. It affects your ability to make decisions or share your thoughts with others in a logical way. Factors that can cause you to suffer from brain fog include depression, poor nutrition, dehydration, and mental health issues.

In some cases, brain fog is related to chronic fatigue syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis. This can happen because of dysfunction in the brain, as opposed to the eye. When signals aren't transmitted from the brain to the eyes properly, brain fog is a common occurrence. It can lead to blurry or foggy vision. In most people, it occurs when you stand up, causing lightheadedness as well.

What is Photophobia?

If your eyes hurt when you are exposed to light, you might have photophobia. It can be caused by something as simple as dry eye, or something more serious such as an infection or an injury to your eye. When you see our optometrist to seeking a diagnosis, you may be asked about some common symptoms such as fever, or fluid secreting from your eyes.

Our doctor may give you a test or an exam to determine if photophobia is the problem. This test determines if one or both of your eyes are injured, based on any symptoms you may be experiencing. In more extreme cases you may have to consent to have a sample of your cornea taken. If it is determined that you suffer from this condition you may be prescribed antibiotics or steroids. For less serious cases you may need to use artificial tears.

Hypersensitivity to Sound?

Hypersensitivity to sound is also known as Hyperacusis and it is not a common condition. Your ears process sound like a type of vibration. However, people that suffer from this condition have brains that make certain vibrations sound worse than they really are which results in physical discomfort. It is most commonly linked to depression, PTSD, and migraines. If it occurs as the result of a brain injury then the condition usually disappears when the injury has healed. Otherwise, the condition can be treated over the course of time.

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If you are experiencing brain fog or photophobia, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with an Eyes For Wellness optometrist by calling us at (317) 818-0541. We proudly serve patients all over the Indianapolis community. Our doctor will work with you to and determine your diagnosis to develop a treatment plan that works well for you.

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